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Our story is like that of many main line Protestant churches. We grew and then declined in numbers. We aged. We eventually discerned it time to downsize and sell our church building. However, unlike many of those churches, we discerned that God was not finished with us. So rather than become a legacy church, we became a determined remnant church, earnestly seeking God's will and purpose. We were led to Silvercrest where our eyes have been opened to the need for this kind of ministry. We have evolved from being a congregation worshiping in a senior living center in order to meet our physical and financial circumstances to being Church completely integrated into this community. Find out more about our time in wilderness and where God has led us in our New Wine video. 

We've learned much in the nearly five years we've been worshiping at Silvercrest, but we still have more answers than questions and no clearly defined model for the mission and ministry we are doing. Learn more from our series of Candid Conversations videos. 

Being Church in a Senior Living Community

Beginning is Easy, Sustaining is Harder

Overcoming the Worship Challenges

Candid Conversation About Aging and Sprituality

Worship: Sunday 11:00 a.m., Restricted In-Person and Facebook Live for All Seekers

Faith Formation TBA

our pastor:
Lois Kelley
blue valley christian church
Worshipping at silvercrest at Deer Creek



Worship: 13060 Metcalf Ave. 

Overland Park, KS 66213

Mail: 7500 W. 151st St. 

P.O. Box 24214.

Overland Park, KS 66283

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