blue valley christian church
at silvercrest


Visit: 13060 Metcalf Ave. 

Overland Park, KS 66213

Mail: 7500 W. 151st St. 

P.O. Box 24214.

Overland Park, KS 66283

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BVCC is a community that defines itself as a mission connection center where people gather for encouragement, spiritual growth, knowledge and opportunities to apply their gifts, experiences and interests toward living out the ongoing ministry established by the Christ.

It is a community that places importance on supporting each individual’s unique Christian journey by providing temporary sanctuary and tools for continuing their journey. It is a community of high expectation and deep commitment. It is a community that seeks to create an outflowing ripple of hope and healing, peace and justice.

It is an inclusive community that aspires to transcend all barriers within the human family, including age, gender, race and ethnicity, sexuality, physical and mental ability, cultural and socioeconomic status, and faith tradition or history.

Bridging the Generations

Kids of all ages find water and water balloons a devilishly good time on a warm summer's day.

Healing Families

Like other congregations, BVCC members take on mission projects like Healing Families, serving meals to families undergoing group counseling.


Seniors are often left alone or ignored, yet many have so much to offer. Silvercrest is where we meet and learn and grow together with people from the Greatest Generation who continue to live lives of meaning and purpose - whenever they are given a chance.

Bingo Nights & Holi-days

Among the regular gatherings are Bingo nights, Group Crosswords, Happy Hour and Brain Games in which BVCC volunteers assist in leading the residents in memorable relationship building. We also celebrate the fun and spirit-lifting of holidays. Volunteers are always welcome. Contact Pastor Lois.

Pastoral Support

Pastor Lois maintains good rapport with residents and staff. She is regularly available for grief counseling and chaplaincy services during regular hours @ Silvercrest.

Table Service

Communion is central to Christian life. All who hunger and thirst for love, peace, hope and grace are welcome. Those unable to walk are served in their seats.